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Invisalign Services:

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As an aid to address any specific Cosmetic Concerns that patients may have, I have listed some of the most common concerns below from patients wishing to pursue Invisalign Treatment:
Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, rotated teeth, overlapping teeth, misshapen teeth
Gaps, spaces, diastemas, missing teeth, black holes

If patients have: Chipped teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, worn teeth, we can use 1-Appointment Bonding in advance or towards the end of Invisalign Treatment to restore these teeth to a more ideal shape, size and function.

If patients have: Dark teeth, discoloured teeth, discolored teeth, stained teeth, spotted teeth, yellow teeth, gray teeth, we can use Teeth Whitening in conjunction with Invisalign to make the teeth whiter and brighter.

If patients have: Uneven gums, irregular gums, gummy smiles, we can use laser treatment to make the gumlines more level in advance or towards the end of Invisalign Treatment.